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    Clean and safe storage


In our clean and orderly warehouses we offer space to all of our customers

We regularly go through with pest controls and our warehouses got security on patrol 24/7 to ensure the safety of your products.

We store everything from sensitive articles for online shops to huge quantities consisting of several thousand pallets.

Screws, pallets, fire places or soccer goals – we work to solve your warehouse needs.

To make sure our warehouses is well organized we use a well developed WMS-system with location tracking that can be integrated into our customers system.

Cut the cost on storage, packing and transportation!

By using our services your establishment will save costs by using us if you’re in possession of your own warehouse with staff.

When a lot of warehouse owners share costs on heat, electricity, trucks, staff and rent the bills get reduced significantly. Not to mention that we use new and modern IT-solutions to ensure effective picking, order processing and maximum utilization of storage space.

With outsourcing of warehouse operations you only pay for the time your product is in stock on each order we process. This gives you 100% control over payments.

Contact us today for a unbinding conversation about payment cuts in your firm through outsourcing of your warehouse operation.


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