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RST have been a carrier for Glava since 2004.
"RST holds great quality on their services, and their easy to cooperate with.
Glava is very satisfied with RST as their carrier."
Terje Bredesen, , Logistics Manager GLAVA AS


Unisport have used RST as supplier of warehouse and transportation services since 2009.
"We deliver among other things soccer goals and ball courts to municipalities and sports teams throughout Norway.
This is deliveries that often demands extra follow-up and delivery times got to be agreed upon.
We are exceptionally satisfied with the service and follow up with RST and they got competitive prices."
Brian Phillips, CEO Unisport Scandinavia AS

SML Lighting

We changed our warehouse to RST in 2014.
"Since then RST have stored, picked and transported all of our special lights and parts.
RST always gives personal service and are easy to cooperate with.
We are very satisfied with RST as our logistics provider."
Svein Robert Fossum, CEO SML Lighting AS


Smartpanel AS have since 2009 cooperated with RST.
"Through their routes they distribute our goods to all of our customers south of Nord-Trøndelag.
Accurate delivers are extremely important for us, and we are depending on a carrier that got their focus on exactly that.
Many of our customers also expect larger parties delivered with a lift. RST are flexible and got a high quality on their deliveries.
We rarely experience damages or delays, and they master large deliveries to receptions without ramps or trucks.
We are very satisfied with RST as our carrier."
Simen Holme, Logistics Manager Smartpanel AS


SML Lighting